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The Real Junk Food Diet Book v2.0

"On the Real Junk Food Diet I will give you every opportunity to pig out on the foods you love, those same sugary, fatty foods that got you so damn fat! It's really true! I will make you eat more junk food than you want to on those days when it's allowed, those are called your Overeating Days."

The Real Junk Food Diet Book was built from the ground up on our love of junk food. The ultimate cheater's diet book, it does not mandate that people stop pigging out, quite the contrary, yet it strives to achieve a healthy weight and healthy body. This is to be contrasted with diet books that may have similar sounding names, hence the "Real" in The Real Junk Food Diet Book. Developed meticulously over several years, this diet is the product of extensive scientific research (more than 100 references) but is written in an easy, comedic writing style. Only 15,000 words, this compact handbook was designed for the slob who is too lazy to read a long-winded novel on dieting, still wants to lose weight, and doesn't want to give up pigging out on junk food in the process. Sound like someone you know? Me too! The Real Junk Food Diet Book does not mandate an extensive exercise regime, because you and I would not follow such a thing. Instead, this diet is based on the scientific properties of human metabolism, and human psyche. Follow The Real Junk Food Diet Book, and you will quickly forget that it is a diet; I consider this a lifestyle, and a fun one.

The pounds will drop off, yet you will continue to enjoy vast amounts of the succulent foods you love the most. How can this be?!? Oh it be, my friends, it be. Preview the book to find out how.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Can I download the FULL PDF FOR FREE?

A. Yes! Download the FULL FREE PDF of The Real Junk Food Diet Book v2.0. This is absolutely free, but if it changes your life and you would like to tip/donate cryptocurrency to the author, it would be most welcome :). My receive addresses are listed below.

Bitcoin (BTC):

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Don't yet own cryptocurrency? Try a local Vancouver exchange (serving Canada and internationally), QuadrigaCX. I have used them for several months and recommend! (Invest at your own risk.)

Q. Prefer the Kindle format?

A. Sure; read on (below)!

Q. Why am I not losing any weight eating 1300 calories a day on diet days?

A. Because you have plateaued, or were not fat enough to begin with. As the book says, when you plateau either reduce calories on diet days or drop an eating day.

Q. Will this diet work without the supplements?

A. Yes! I only advise using them during the weight loss phase, not maintenance. They will help, but are not critical to the success of this diet. Much more important are when and what you eat, to make your weight loss effective, fun and lifelong. Details are in the book.

Q. Is treadmill really best for knees?

A. If you do longer durations, no one cardio machine is best for knees, you should do half and half between treadmill and stair climber.

Q. Treadmill and stair climber?! Ugh, do I really need to exercise?

A. I prescribe limited exercise only, and only once a week. With the right timing and mental trickery, this becomes a "piece of cake". Details are in the book.

Q. Can I read this book for free on a Kindle device?

A. Yes! Start a Free Trial of Amazon Prime and borrow this eBook like a library book.

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